Prices based on the level of stylist you prefer. Please ask for any assistance you may need  in choosing. Levels range from:

Master Designer         Several years experience with full certifications.
Designer                      Less experience than a Master with full certifications.

HAIRCUTS                            Master      Designer
Women                                  $60-$75     $40-$55
Men                                       $50-65       $30-45

COLOR AND STYLE           Master      Designer
Partial Highlights                  $60-$75     $30-$50
Full Highlights                       $80-95        $50-75
Retouch Color                      $125           $100-125
Full Color                              $125           $100-125

CONDITIONING                 Master      Designer
Damage Remedy                $60-$75      $30-$50
(style included)

Eyebrow          $15

Eyebrow          $15
Lip                   $15
Chin                 $15

Choose a service to enjoy with your visit:
•  Stress Relieving Scalp Treatment
•  Consultations
•  Dry Trims & Bang Trims
•  Neck and Shoulder Massage
•  Hand Moisturizing Massage

- Gratuity is cash or check only - 

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